A word (or two) about my work...

Back in 1982 I received my first 35mm camera at the age of 15. This Olympus OM-10 became my best travel companion! On a trip to the Caribbean I took the photo (presented at the end of this page) that opened my mind and helped me realize that photography was going to be an important part of my life.

In college I got involved in the world of graphic design and I was in charge of the newspaper’s page layout and did many sport photo assignments. I used PageMaker for digital layout, a JOBO equipment to develop Ektachrome film and a cute and simple image software that was transported from computer to computer using floppy discs named Photoshop! As my photographic skills advanced I became a Teacher Assistant to the Photography class.

Later on, I received a full scholarship to study a Masters Degree at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. I completed the Bachelor Program following the Masters Program. My Thesis Project was completed about 3 years later and I was able to graduate and receive my diploma in the year 2001.

I have been working as a photographer ever since. In the past 15 years I have worked for advertising magazines, home interior designers, architects, several retail companies and real estate agents.

I started to use digital cameras since they came out on the market. Back in 1997, I was amazed by the Olympus D600L (the first consumer level camera to have a 1 Mega Pixel sensor for a bit over $1,000). Who would ever need more pixels than that? Well, now we have tiny cameras with 20 times that capacity and more pixels than we can ever handle, not enough space in our hard drives and thousands and thousand of images that create headaches if not organized properly!

I believe that the “eye for a great image” and the expert “digital enhancement” needed afterwards is possible to achieve when you can combine expert technical knowledge with an artistic sense. Today, I have become more than photographer. As many of my colleagues in the trade, we need to combine our left and right brain in the process of creating an image. We need to know Photoshop (or similar editing software), Lightroom, advance color management, exposure control, white balance bracketing, lighting theory, color space, etc, throw in some carpentry, framing and matting skills and many other technical subjects… then, finally, let the creative thought be revealed… the goal, an image that is technically perfect and, at the same time, artistically pleasant.

These days, besides my love for Fine Art Photography, I do Real Estate, small product photography and a myriad of other related work: graphic design or web site development among others.

I am a fanatic of detail. I can spend hours creating and developing the pixels that once printed, reflect the vision that I had originally in my mind when I pressed the shutter release of my camera.

I have been lucky enough to be present in many amazing places on Earth. My Fine Art images reflect the beauty of those places. Infrared or not, I hope to create with my images a sense of “Awhhh” and be reminded all the time of the precious place we live.